The Workshop on Termination (WST) traditionally brings together, in an informal setting, researchers interested in all aspects of termination, whether this interest be practical or theoretical, primary or derived. The workshop also provides a ground for cross-fertilization of ideas from term rewriting and from the different programming language communities. The friendly atmosphere enables fruitful exchanges leading to joint research and subsequent publications.

The 16th International Workshop on Termination in Oxford continues the successful workshops held in St. Andrews (1993), La Bresse (1995), Ede (1997), Dagstuhl (1999), Utrecht (2001), Valencia (2003), Aachen (2004), Seattle (2007), Leipzig (2009), Edinburgh (2010), Obergurgl (2012), Bertinoro (2013), Vienna (2014), and Obergurgl (2016).

WST 2018 is part of the Federated Logic Conference 2018 (FLoC 2018) that brings together several international conferences related to mathematical logic and computer science. The workshop is affiliated to IJCAR, and also to CAV, FM, FSCD, ICLP, LICS, and SAT.

Workshop Topics

Topics of interest include all aspects of termination. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • certification of termination and complexity proofs
  • challenging termination problems
  • comparison and classification of termination methods
  • complexity analysis in any domain
  • implementation of termination and complexity methods
  • implicit computational complexity
  • infinitary normalization
  • non-termination analysis and loop detection
  • normalization in lambda calculi
  • operational termination of conditional rewrite systems
  • ordinal notation and subrecursive hierarchies
  • SAT, SMT, and constraint solving for (non-)termination analysis
  • scalability and modularity of termination methods
  • termination analysis in any domain
  • well-founded relations and well-quasi-orders

Important dates

  • Workshop: July 18-19, 2018

Program Committee